These keywords have been removed or will soon be removed.
It is recommended to make changes to alternate forms of these keywords as soon as possible.
This list was compiled when updating from GoTest 3.1 to Robot Frameword 5.0.

The links on the keywords will show the documentation for them and the preferred replacement form.


  1. Select Window
  2. Locator Should Match X Times

Deprecated (will be removed in the next year)

  1. String.Should Be Unicode String
  2. JsonValidator.Element Should Exist
  3. JsonValidator.Element Should Not Exist
  4. JsonValidator.Select Elements
  5. ImapLibrary2.Mark As Read
  6. ImapLibrary2.Open Link From Mail
  7. ImapLibrary2.Wait For Mail
  8. BuiltIn.Run Keyword Unless
  9. SeleniumLibrary.Press Key
  10. RequestsLibrary.Delete Request
  11. RequestsLibrary.Get Request
  12. RequestsLibrary.Head Request
  13. RequestsLibrary.Options Request
  14. RequestsLibrary.Patch Request
  15. RequestsLibrary.Post Request
  16. RequestsLibrary.Put Request
  17. RequestsLibrary.To Json

Eventually be deprecated (Will be marked as deprecated in the next year)

  1. BuiltIn.Continue For Loop
  2. BuiltIn.Continue For Loop If
  3. BuiltIn.Exit For Loop
  4. BuiltIn.Exit For Loop If
  5. BuiltIn.Log Argument repr
  6. BuiltIn.Return From Keyword
  7. BuiltIn.Return From Keyword If
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